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There are two classes of members:  Voting members and Life members.  Voting members can be any sport organization operating within the City of Burlington, any individual or any business interested in the betterment of sport in our city. Voting members pay an annual membership fee:  sport organization/club $25.00 individual members $25.00. To download our membership application, please go to our Downloads section or click here to submit your application request through the website.

Membership in Burlington Sport Alliance has many benefits and includes the following:

  • Collective representation for all sport related concerns with City of Burlington, Tourism Burlington.

  • Website link to your organization giving increased visibility

  • Participation in our PRESIDENTS’ FORUM to address trends, needs and priorities in the Burlington Sport Community

  • Regular updates such as decisions and initiatives from the City that affect sports

  • Discount for members at BSA sponsored events

  • Regular updates under the banner “Sports Exclusive” such as decisions, initiative from the city.

Friends in Sport;

You are invited to become a member of the Burlington Sport Alliance in celebration of sport in our great city! Together, we will recognize the achievements of our athletes, officials and sport builders and move closer to the goal of being a fit and active community.  The Burlington Sport Alliance (BSA) is always accepting membership from sporting groups, local businesses and private citizens at an annual membership rate of $25.00.  The following, highlights the benefits of membership:

SPORT AWARD AND RECOGNITION EVENT:  the BSA has been organizing and hosting the annual Sport Award and Recognition Event and 2024 celebrates the 18th Anniversary! Although it is a very successful event with over 200 participants in attendance; the BSA vision is to have representation from all sport organizations in the city. Throughout its history, hundreds of athletes, officials, sport organizers and volunteers have been recognized and celebrated.

SPORTS DAY IN BURLINGTON:  BSA celebrates Sports Day in Burlington as an adjunct of Sports Day in Canada. It is a partnership between ParticipACTION, True Sport and CBC. Sports Day in Canada is an initiative to get people moving in celebration of sport.  Over the past 30 years participation rates in sports have declined drastically and obesity levels have risen substantially.  Six years ago, the City of Burlington was one of the first to understand the importance of being part of Sports Day in Canada.  In partnership, the BSA and the City of Burlington work to involve sporting organizations into this event. This year, Sports Day in Burlington will be celebrated in conjunction with the opening of the new Alton Community Centre.

The BSA is a common voice with a common goal to get people active and recognize those who play an integral role in our sports community.   Although we appreciate that each organization, club and company has its own needs and unique objectives, they also have many overlapping goals.  Together, sport grows stronger. Join the BSA in a community effort to reach these common goals.

Please join today! Registration is easy and affordable – the application is online.

We would very much like to speak to you about becoming a part of the BSA. One of our Directors will be calling your organization in the next 30 days.  The BSA would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and / or your Board to discuss the merits of being a BSA member.

You can contact us at:, visit us on Facebook: or visit our website for more information.

Yours in Sport


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