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Burlington Sport Recognition Award: Nominations

Please complete a Athlete Nomination or a Builder Nomination and email to Please be sure to include the contact information for the Nominee including phone number and email address and bio of nominee. For General Selection Criteria for each award, please scroll down the page for descriptions and requirements. All nominations must be received on or before April 30th.

General Selection Criteria

  • Candidate or his/ her family must reside in Burlington or have resided in Burlington at the time of the achievement.  An exception may be made for an outstanding athlete who has received the large majority of his/her training over an extended number of years within a Burlington area club/facility/organization.

  • Achievements, although they may be on a provincial or national or international level, will be considered on the basis of the quality and level of the competition and the number of competitors.  The results and the level of competition will be a significant factor in selecting the winner.

  • Athletes of the Year Awards are made on the basis of the current calendar year but the selection committee will consider previous accomplishments.

  • There may not necessarily be an award winner every year.


Specific Award Categories:

  • JUNIOR ATHLETES of the Year: Candidate must be no more than 14 years of age at the beginning of the most recent competitive year.

  • ATHLETES of the Year:  candidates are any athletes, who have competed in provincial, national, international or professional sport

  • MASTERS Athletes of the Year: The Masters Athlete designation is defined by the athlete’s category of competitiveness; as defined by their national sport body. Masters Athlete has participated in competitive sport on a team or as an individual for a minimum of 3 years. Consideration will be also given to other contributions made by the individual towards the advancement of the nominee’s specific sport.

  • PARATHLETE of the Year: Candidates are athletes, who have competed in provincial, national, or international sport, recognized within the umbrella of Parasport Ontario.

  • THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS DR. FRANK HAYDEN AWARD- an outstanding Special Olympian Candidates are any athletes, who have competed in local, provincial, national, or international sport within the Special Olympic Movement, and  has shown leadership as well as sportsmanship while training and competing.


Specific Award Categories:

  • A.J. DUNN SPORTS PERSON OF THE YEAR:  presented to the volunteer whose leadership and initiative over a number of years has led to the advancement of sport within the Burlington community. This person is a respected member of the community who has used his/her administrative and organizational skills to better the sporting world. This commitment, drive and high level of responsibility have lead to better programs and sporting opportunities for citizens of Burlington.

  • VOLUNTEER SPORT BUILDER OF THE YEAR:  presented to a volunteer who through coaching, officiating, committee membership, fundraising, or other contributions has lead to the advancement of sport within the Burlington Community. Personal sacrifice for the sake of the athletes and their programs is considered. The success or viability of the sport organization in which the volunteer has been actively involved is also a factor in choosing the winner.

  • CHAMPION OF SPORT:  presented to a coach whose dedication and commitment has led a team or an athlete to a championship(s), or ‘high performance’ level of competition. Through his/her efforts, Burlington athletes and/or teams have achieved success and become champions.

  • OFFICIAL OF THE YEAR: presented to an official/judge/referee whose dedication and commitment at a local, provincial, national or international level has lead to excellent competition and fair play.

All nominations must be received on or before April 30th

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